Swimmers view

Swimmers view
Sea Leopard - swimmers eye view

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wyatt Song Successful Channel Swim - 9th August 2012

Report by Stuart Gleeson.

Our first meeting for the attempt was at 4am - unfortunately thick fog meant that it was too dangerous to make an attempt so I delayed the start to the afternoon tide - let the Sun burn the fog off. At 1530 the team returned to Dover Marina & so proper introductions were made & crewman Stuart Adams & I prepared for  departure. CSA Observer Sam Jones bought along her Olympic Torch for us to see - all the torch bearers were given the opportunity to buy the torch that they carried. Incidentally, Julie Ryan, who swam in a relay with me last year & a solo attempt in 2010 also carried the Olympic Torch during it's journey around the British Isles.

Sam recorded the start time of the swim as being 1615, sea flat calm with sun & no wind. Seals sighted early on, some live nearby at Samphire Hoe & are sometimes swimming around Dover Marina.Wyatt was cheerful, quick feeds & onto business - the best way. At 1932 I notified Dover Coastguard that we were entering the Sou'West lane.

Sunset replaced by a clear night, good visibility. 1015 entered separation zone. Wyatt joked on his feeds with his family eventually changing to swim on the port side as we entered the NorthEast Lane. 1115 longer stop, Wyatt was sick, but like many swimmers was happy to vomit to clear stomach acid & salt, refuel & carry on. 115 - some mention that shoulders are sore. An hour later Wyatt was in good spirits when told approx 3.8 miles to land. 245 French Coastguard ask for assistance to identify an unknown vessel, this is later confirmed as a fishing boat.

0430 Wyatt has a lot of pain but perseveres. An hour later he appeared to be slowing considerably as the sun rose over a calm sea. Family take many photos. Gallivant & Sea Satin passed by with their successful swimmers returning - cheering & waving. A good team spirit among swimmers who sometimes have never met - & will never meet.

0800 half a mile to the beach ahead. Wyatts right shoulder is hurting him. Troy mentions the beach is occupied by nudists to encourage him onwards.

0827 Wyatt lands at Wissant beach 16hrs 17mins after setting off from England. Wyatt indicates he wants to swim back to England so sets off again within the required 10 minutes. At 0917 shoulder pain makes Wyatt decide to get back on board. No problem Wyatt - an excellent swim by anyone's standards. Well done.

Photos to follow.

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