Swimmers view

Swimmers view
Sea Leopard - swimmers eye view

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Adam Engelskirchen - Successful Channel Solo - 8th August 2012

Report by Stuart Gleeson

We left Dover Marina at 0320 bound for Samphire Hoe for Adam's Channel swim. Accompanied by crewman Stuart Adams.

Start time recorded as 0410 by CSA Observer Sam Jones, some swell & breeze which flattened out within the hour. At 0652 I called up Dover Coastguard to report we were entering the Sou'West lane. Adam had some early sickness - sometimes the liquid feeds of electrolytes can upset the stomach. Sam Jones gave good advice to the support crew to help overcome this.

MSC Gaia 1201ft long passed close, later another vessel of the same length - Hanjin Asia - was on a direct course for us. Obviously, I took evasive & appropriate action. It was not the last big ship to come close that day, but usual for a Channel crossing to encounter them. Some drizzle & overcast conditions generally.

Despite experiencing some pain in his shoulder, Adam kept a good work rate & remained positive. His support team provided encouragement in the right places which definitely helped. Tide swept us past the Cap, but Adam pushed onwards successfully landing at Wissant at 1800hrs: 13hrs, 50mins after leaving England.

Photos to follow.
Hi Stuart,

I had hoped to stop by before we left England to convey my thanks for the good piloting, but didn't manage to get there.

I was very happy to be successful - even if it took longer than I'd expected. It was a long-time goal and I trained hard over the months leading up to it, so it was really important to me to get it done.

Thanks again to you, Stuart and Sam. I couldn't have been happier with the support and the result.

All best,


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