Swimmers view

Swimmers view
Sea Leopard - swimmers eye view

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Paul Syers - 1st October, 2011

Report by Stuart Gleeson

The seven metre tide meant that starting from Samphire beach was the best option. Sea was very calm with very little wind. Paul started at 0315. In the first few hours he took a while to settle, occasionally straying away from the boat and having some adjustments with his goggles. Conditions were very good and the flood tide carried us into the South West shipping lane by 0600. Paul is feeding hourly. His supporters are Sam Jones, a successful Channel swimmer from 2008, Mike Bell, Mike Ball and Mark Watkins. Around 0700 Paul complains of being stung by jellyfish. 

0720 Slack water (asked by observer Steve Franks.) 0815 Tide is on the Ebb. Flat calm, warm sea and air - 17.4oC & 17.8 respectively. 0825 Enter Separation zone. 0904 Entered North East Lane. 0910. Debris and rubbish in the water. 0952 Dolphin sighted. 1012 Paul feels a bit sick.

Next feed has tea with sugar and jellybabies. Supporters decide to feed more often as he looks a bit tired, so feeds now every 45mins 1100 A 300m container ship from the VFB line passes a mile behind us.


1115 weather still good, air temp now 20.6oC, water still 17.8oC. 1157 Supporter Mark moons at Paul. 1203, observer asks where we are - 1nm from French Inshore Waters. 1245 Paul going away from the boat. Klaxon & observer whistle to bring him back. 1315 Slack water (asked by observer). Sea now 18.2oC. 1320 Paul stopped. Supporters encourage him. 1326 Breast stroke. 1332 Supporters yell, Paul starts front crawl again. 1342 Breast stroke again. We have just left the North East lane. 1414 Observer asks for hourly details. Sea is now 18.7oC. Paul says he wants to stop. 1418 Paul climbs ladder. He is too tired to continue.

Paul had a go just over a week ago and has tried hard to succeed, so well done for a valiant effort.

Thanks to Steve Franks for the photographs. Last photo by Mark Watkins.

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