Swimmers view

Swimmers view
Sea Leopard - swimmers eye view

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Seabrook Seals training trip, 22nd April 2012

It was a sunny Sunday morning in April, another trip out for a Channel Relay team training for their attempt later in the year. Practice swims with a boat are fun, good for the team to enjoy working together but most importantly it takes away the mystery. All sorts of concerns can develop if something is unknown - following a boat is not particularly difficult, but it is useful to practice prior to the big day. Similarly jumping off the boat instead of wading down the beach is a different experience.

The Seabrook Seals boarded Sea Leopard armed with multiple bags of swimming kit and lots of smiles.

The Seabrook Seals

As Stuart Gleeson piloted Sea Leopard out of the Marina, Dover Lifeboat was carrying out some operations, the bright orange and blue standing out against the bright sunshine.

As is often the case in the English Channel, the wind was too strong for a safe & pleasant trip outside of the harbour walls. Not wishing to waste the day the team swam inside the protection of Dover Harbour practising with Sea Leopard.

Dover Castle overlooking the Harbour.
The team took turns to swim, lots of humour & encouragement as is the habit of all relay teams.

Beckie Spry

Gemma Peat

Katrina Weller

LittleMermaid UndertheSea
A whiteboard and marker pen provides good fun for those who are of a mind to bring them. Most messages are encouraging, though on some Channel swims the communications are not always repeatable. Today, it was good humoured.

Channel swimmers are often likened to Turkeys - covered in Grease, frozen & then wrapped in foil for reheating. Some of the team had a go to experience this.

Gill Mundoon

Lucy Hawthorne

Emma Christison
The time went quickly & everyone swam well. A few more strokes closer to achieving success.

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